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Jailbreak iPod Touch - Learn how to jailbreak an iPod Touch & iPhone

Jailbreak iPad - Learn how to jailbreak an iPad Touch

Important Jailbreak Solutions - Getting an error or need to restore your iPod Touch check this post.

How to Use SSH - Learn how you can use SSH with your iPod Touch



Install Applications

You will need to have used iPod Touch Jailbreak software to allow for you to install applications. After you have done that you can use this tutorial to add applications.

PC Users:

- Download SFTP

- Log into you iPod Touch using SFTP:

IP Address: Find your iPod Touch Wifi Ip Address (settings>wifi>blue arrow on what wifi network you are using and it will be there)

User: root, Password: alpine.

If you would like to find out how to install the default apps that are on the iPhone check out this tutorial.

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  1. Mat, October 16, 2007:

    Everytime I run the program this error pops up “Entry Point Not Found”

    “CFCopyDescription could not be located in the dynamic link library QTML Client”

    Yes…I have visited the site http://jailbreak…etc but no luck

  2. Randy B., October 16, 2007:

    So if we have an Intel Mac, do we just use an equivalent to the SFTP such as Cyberduck to get into the iPod touch?

  3. Brandon, October 16, 2007:

    Randy B. I’ve read other posts and yes you can use cyberduck (best recommended for intel macs)

  4. A. Person, October 17, 2007:

    What about Non-intel macs? Is it at all possible to hack a touch?

  5. Jared, October 17, 2007:

    I have created an easy to follow package for JailBreaking and installing iPhone Apps on your iPod touch… Download it HERE:

  6. Jared, October 17, 2007:

    by the way, only for Mac Users, sorry!

  7. Eduardo, October 17, 2007:

    Hello, I was try whit your combo and work’s great !!!
    :-) Thank’s so much.

  8. Ian, October 17, 2007:

    So I have a G5 Dual 2Ghz 10.4.10 non intel will hack work ?

  9. Ian, October 17, 2007:

    Where do I get application for editing calendar for itouch ? Thankyou.

  10. Steve, October 17, 2007:

    Works great. But to work, you must put the whole folder in the applications folder, not just the application. It took awhile to figure this out, and it kept giving me an error message saying you must run this app from the application folder, when it was in there. I have done it twice, once from a 8 core 3GHz Intel and once from a 2.15Ghz Intel core duo Powerbook. Both times, worked great. Just need to let it cycle through. And ignore itunes, as it keeps popping up. Told it not to sync, but it kept trying.

    Nice Job, probably forced apple to realize that it was easier to open up to developers than fight them.

    My summer board did not work right though. It keeps putting icons on top of icons, so I trashed it, but everything else works fabulous. This is now the device I wanted to buy and it replaces my pdas completely. Now I am thinking about putting up with AT&T for the phone, because visual voice mail looks really cool, but I will probably wait for blue tooth on the next gen.

  11. nick, October 20, 2007:

    Where can u download apps from??

  12. Eddie, October 20, 2007:

    I can’t login, when I type my wi-fi address an error comes up saying “Network error: Connection timed out” can anyone help me with this???

  13. Stanley, October 21, 2007:

    I got the same issue with Eddie, got an error saying “Network error: Connection timed out” Could someone help us out regarding this ?

  14. newtomac, October 21, 2007:

    i just got my first mac yesterday and that tutorial worked great although im wonder if u can remove the installer picture on the actuall ipod, but its not abig deal, if i can figure any1 with a mac should

  15. jerryrmz, October 22, 2007:

    CAN I USE THIS IN MY PowerBook G4… or is only for Intel Mac???


    *********** I have created an easy to follow package for JailBreaking and installing iPhone Apps on your iPod touch… Download it HERE:

  16. josh, October 23, 2007:

    i have installer on my touch but when i open it it does not heve anything and 1 minute later it just goes back to the menu

    some one help me

  17. Tones, October 24, 2007:

    i tried signing into the ipod touch using the SFTP but it doesnt let me log in..any help guys?…idk if it’s cause i also have to put an exact port # as well before you log in

  18. trimaster, October 28, 2007:

    Hey, i keep getting “connection refused” how do i fix it? Thanks!

  19. trimaster, October 28, 2007:

    Also if any one can help email me at

  20. trimaster, October 29, 2007:

    never mind i got it ^

  21. Me, October 31, 2007:

    im not quite sure but it tells me connection refused… im not usually stupid with stuff like this but im feeling dumb today..

  22. amee, November 2, 2007:

    i need help with my ipod touch. i tried to connect but it says connection refused. what do i do? thanks

  23. Jesus, November 3, 2007:

    This tutroial is useless it is barely even finished and quite confusing.

  24. Charles, November 3, 2007:

    install the bs subsystem then install open ssh. u should be able to sftp into ur touch then.

  25. xtreme, November 4, 2007:

    i have some apps that will open and then close immediately. i need help :^(

  26. ryan0770, November 4, 2007:

    my touch doesn’t seem to have a Media_sym folder, anyone have any ideas? i’m trying to install the iPhone apps.

  27. amz, November 9, 2007:

    instead of all these nerds answering questions they make up why don’t you guys do us a favour by helping us out with the stuff we ask for a change

  28. amz, November 9, 2007:

    like how the hell do you get into the touch when it says refused or time out

  29. AC, November 9, 2007:

    I get conection refused and connection failed due to error or timeout?

    did a restore and the new jailbreak still the same please le me know any options? thanks

  30. Geekee, November 9, 2007:

    The new Jailbreak at works like a charm. Just installed all the default iPhone apps in about 5 mins. All worked except the Calender hack which I’ll google on later.

  31. eric, November 11, 2007:

    what do i do for the host name? and wut port # should i put in?

  32. XALK, November 13, 2007:

    Excellent work, but i have a tiny problem. The memory capacity it is only 54Mb. Were are the other Giga for music etc????Please help me.

  33. cowtc, November 18, 2007:

    To all those who have followed the guide to jailbreaking and then trying to installing apps on your touch (getting the connection timed out), if you used the website to jailbreak your touch this web page instructions are not necessary, to add applications (make sure your touch is connected to a wifi access point and not plugged into the usb port) you simply go into installer, install and choose the apps you would like. Note also that (you might want to do this first) BSD subsystem isn’t installed by the installer, so you have to go to uninstall, click on community services, uninstall that, restart your touch, go back into installer and install BSD subsystem and community services and OpenSSH

  34. Robert Booth, Seattle, November 20, 2007:

    This is SOOOOO cool….my IPT is Jailbraked!
    Had to take the original back to Apple Store and INSIST on a return cause i had upgraded to 1.1.2 and couldnt downgrade. But the new IPT was native 1.1.1. Followed the directions and after the upgrade to 1.1.2 there was Installer just like promised. COOL COOL COOL.

  35. Robert Booth, Seattle, November 20, 2007:

    still cannot figure out how to sftp into my IPT. Am using CyberDuck. I enter the IP address I find in Settings/WiFi/Little Blue Button. Port is set to 22. Could it be the wifi modem i am connected to doesnt allow me to feed back in?

  36. John, November 21, 2007:

    Password refused. can you help me

  37. Neil, November 24, 2007:

    When I try to connect using WinSCP. I put in the following info:

    Host Name: (IP Address)
    Port: 22
    Username: root
    Password: alpine
    Private Key File: (nothing)
    File Protocol: SFTP
    Allow SCP fallback is checked

    Then when I click login, it says:

    Network error: Connection timed out

    HELP PLS!!!!!

  38. DCFC Gadders, November 25, 2007:

    I had the same problem with the connection time out thing….

    The thing that i found was that it would not connect etc when the ipod touch/ iphone is on standby… or where you have to slide it to unlock… mine only connects everytime when it is unlocked matey.. Hope this helps,

    Go Settings>Auto-Lock> Never….

    You should be able to connect everytime

  39. tai, November 28, 2007:

    easiest way to install iphone apps all u need is wifi and itouch
    install iphone apps
    1 go onto installer app
    2 go to sources and click edit
    3 then click add and add
    4 then press done and go to install
    5 for iphone 1.1.1 or 1.1.2
    click either then YOU MUST INSTALL PREPS FIRST
    6 then install the rest
    by tai

  40. Westby, November 28, 2007:

    i have a Mac OSX Leopard… But my computer ejust wont open exe. files. Can someone help me??

  41. Uel, November 28, 2007:

    exe are windows files. to run on your mac. you need to boot up your version of windows (bootcamp or parallels or fusion)

  42. John, November 29, 2007:

    Tai go away

  43. Andrew, December 4, 2007:

    do you need your own wifi connection for this?

  44. Miroslav, December 6, 2007:

    As Andrew asked, do you need your own WiFi? Im using Vista but i have a spare XP next to me and i still cant seam to connect to the PC, and yes i am connected to a WiFi network but from someone elses WiFi.

    And also the error i keap on geting no mader how much i change the setings to is the Time out error.

  45. Chris, December 7, 2007:

    I was finally able to get the roms on to my touch, but for some reason summerboard and the customize dont want to work. SB loads but doesnt change anything and customize starts to load but just goes back to the main touch screen. anyone have some suggestions

  46. Chris, December 7, 2007:

    i found that the wifi ip address on my touch changes randomly. just check the ip address before trying to log into it.

  47. bluemarlin, December 9, 2007:

    Tai! Thanks. Your directions work good. Much easier to install the iPhone Apps.

  48. Edwin, December 11, 2007:

    I have version 1.1.1 for my iPhone and after installing BSD Sub, Comm Sources, Summer B. and Open SSH I was able to download a few apps with no problem. I am not certain what has happened but I am no longer able to download other apps, as I try and after installing the package and cleaning up on the phone the app automically goes to the home screen and no installation has taken place. I tried to uninstall all of my previously working apps and in hopes of reinstalling these apps are no longer opening up properly. Can someone email me at with the some advice. This process is such a headache as I thought that installing jailbreakme. com from my iPhone would allow me to download other apps. At first it was a success and nowi t feels like a total failure. Thank you


  49. Kieren, December 13, 2007:

    what is the source for maps, IM, mail etc. the iphone apps? and where are the Comm sources, I cant find them…

  50. Haimin, December 15, 2007:

    How do you login into the SFTP server?

  51. Will, December 15, 2007:

    Ok, I got the frick’n iPod hooked up with jailbreak. Looks nice but what’s the quickest way to install programs, which was the whole point of the installation? Prefer the “Idiots Guide” for a novice like me. Domo arigato!


  52. ryda96, December 15, 2007:

    I have jailbreaked my touch. But programs such as weather, and maps, dont seem to work. They open and then close… Any ideas anyone?

  53. gman, December 19, 2007:

    you have to download the prep

  54. me, December 22, 2007:

    i just bought a ipod touch and i don`t know how to connect it to wi-fi what kind of password do i need when i select connection point?plz answer me

  55. jadeee, December 22, 2007:


  56. bd_tg, December 23, 2007:

    I had v 1.1.1 and I succesfully jailbraked, then followed tai’s instructions and had the two iphone software packages of downloads in installer….I read post #35 and i understood it to mean that he jailbraked, and then he upgraded the ipod software to 1.1.2 and installer was still there after the upgrade. Since tai’s instructions put both 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 iphone software options on my touch, i figured i would go ahead and upgrade my touch to 1.1.2 and then install the iphone 1.1.2 programs……UNFORTUNATELY…when my itouch restarted the installer icon was no longer present…….now what? Did I just make a huge mistake and now I have to try to downgrade to 1.1.1 and then start all over again….? Has anyone had the same problem or am I unique in my stupidity? a solution would be greatly appreciated…

  57. bd_tg, December 24, 2007:

    Everything is fixed/solved now. I downgraded to 1.1.1 (much much much easier than I thought after reading way too many posts on this site. Really. Just a couple of clicks and it was done, no hassle), then went to, downloaded appsnap and it worked perfectly, now that beautiful “installer” icon is sitting right there in front of me….

  58. Christian, December 26, 2007:

    I want to jailbreak my iPod touch but I cant install jailbreak because the web stops

  59. Morph, December 30, 2007:

    Post 55, me said, ” i just bought a ipod touch and i don`t know how to connect it to wi-fi what kind of password do i need when i select connection point?plz answer me” For Wifi, you need a router in your house with wireless (for Wifi in your own house). You wireless could be password protected if when you set it up that is what you chose. Hopefully you remember that. But if not, to get Wifi you need some connection, like from your neighbors Wireless or a local Panera, Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, or something else with Public Wifi. To connect, just go to “Settings” on your touch, then do choose connection, and select the appropriate one. As for the most recent post, be a little more specific when you say “the web stops”

  60. Tashy, December 31, 2007:

    I got my itouch for christmas and i dont know if i should jailbreak it!! dose anyone know what harm it can cause to my touch? Thanx

  61. Ronnie, January 1, 2008:

    I just bought an iPod Touch and have seen in iTunes that my software version is already 1.1.2 do i need to jailbreak it still or can I move directly to the step of installing the installer?

  62. cowtc, January 2, 2008:

    I got the WinSCP to work with my ipod touch (on my PC Win XP). What I did was install the iSpit program from the installer, ran this, then connected to it using the WinSCP with the ip address given by the iSpit program (which is the same as the IP address in the settings). Give it a go!

  63. marcus, January 2, 2008:

    I have a pc laptop and a G3 mac no intel which one will work better! :)

  64. marcus, January 2, 2008:

    can u download str8 to itouch

  65. marcus, January 2, 2008:

    ronnie you need to downgrade to 1.11

  66. Theis Berg Kristensen, January 4, 2008:

    Hi, when i is trying to install “SFTP” it just say’s: “The files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program” What’s the problem here?

  67. Juan, January 4, 2008:

    maybe you just got a bad copy of the program “Theis Berg Kristensen” ? xD
    i use cuteftp it works perfect just followed ipodtouchmasters video on youtube…

  68. max, January 4, 2008:

    does this jailbreak really work

  69. Michelle, January 5, 2008:

    I have not seen this problem anywhere, but, whenever I try to use the any app that requires a username and password, it gives me a message that the username and or password is bad, and it’s not. I can’t create my gmail or hotmail profile in the mail app because of this.

  70. Paige, January 6, 2008:

    whats a good website to download video podcast’s for an ipod touch for free?

    email me at Great forum guys. KEEP IT UP :D :D

  71. scott, January 6, 2008:

    how do you install them if you don’t have wifi access???

  72. Alex, January 6, 2008:

    After I downloaded “customize” there is no link to get to it. I moved all of my icons around on my home page and they were all “on” but when i go to my homepage, i cannot access customize again. Why?
    I tried uninstalling it and right now im restoring my ipod and i’m going to try and do the whole thing again. But is there a simpler way to fix it?

  73. Tom, January 7, 2008:

    ok jailbreak is a thing that makes a good ipod tuch even better I done it once but it wasn’t auto version so I done it manualy anyway everything simce is fine apps are working perfectly u even can make some special staff by ur self.. but the qustion that I want to ask is- there is also an itunes thingthat u access the internet true WI-FI and insert ur personal information like passwor and user if u want to buy some music or whatever is just simple question is it there some protection or smtg like that becouse i install some apps from internet but like in every system there is keylogers or things like that so if there is no protection someone can just use it u know how keylogers works so u know what I mean..?

  74. andre, January 7, 2008:

    Hi there questions about how to unlock iphones , winSCP problems visit

  75. Cyrus, January 10, 2008:

    Tom, it is true that there are keyloggers and spyware, but just because you have a username and password that isn’t going to make you safe. I could be wrong and sometimes I am, but if they can get keyloggers and spyware onto your iPod, then it will be possible for them to log your username and password. You won’t be any safer and it will be inconvenient for you.

  76. casey, January 16, 2008:

    where do i put the ip addres. because i alawys put the ip adrees in the host name. and root for username and alpine in the password but it doesnt work???

  77. dan, January 17, 2008:

    is it possible to have two software in my ipod touch? like i already installed jailbreakme app but i want more, then i found this app to your website but i am hesitant to install it because i dont want deletion of my app. is it possible to have two installer at the same time without a deletion?

  78. biill, January 18, 2008:

    it says my host doesnt exist wat do i do

  79. Calvin, January 23, 2008:

    What is the host name and stuff?

  80. Thurrman, January 23, 2008:

    I have a 8gb touch and in order for me to access my university’s wifi connection I have to use VPN client (i know vpn came with the new software but the network admins wont give me the necessary information in order for it to work). Is there anyway to jailbreak my touch then add the VPN client app from my mac onto my ipod?

  81. Spencer, January 28, 2008:

    I had the same problem connecting, but figured out how. tut:
    1. put your ip address as host name and leave port at 22
    2. type in root for user and alpine for pass
    3. leave private key file blank
    4. UNCHECK Allow SCP Fallback, and click login.

    Hope this helps.

  82. john, February 12, 2008:

    hey I had my ipod jailbroken on 1.1.1 then I jailbreak it to 1.1.2 and all my aplications dissapeared!! what do I do??
    other problem I have is that when I go to installer and try to download something it says: Error. Package download failed: can’t find host!
    what do I do!? please help. Thanks.

  83. Matt, February 14, 2008:

    ishare does not appear in my installer? please help i want SNES games!

  84. Peter, February 20, 2008:

    Thanks for the tut, but Im still slightly confused, there are multiple sites that offer apps, and I was wondering, do I download it from the site, or is there some magic process in which I add a site to, and it reveals to me all the glorious new apps there. I have read tons of documentation, but Ive only come away with knowledge on how to jailbreak it, thanks. Please respond eithier here or at peter(@)

  85. Art, February 24, 2008:

    Can some one please help me, by accedent i updated to 1.1.3 no evry thing i got is gone. but its still in the memory what can i do?

  86. jack sjdk, February 24, 2008:

    thanke you

  87. miguel, February 26, 2008:

    I have da iPod touch 16gb but no CPU can you help me download jailbreak to my ipod my cell# is 1-718-764-9124 Thank you

  88. Ivan, February 26, 2008:

    help me hack my Ipod Touch

    my email is

  89. Anoniem, March 1, 2008:


    Some time I found a hack on the web that allows the iPod Touch to be used as a normal USB flashdrive, but I can’t find it anymore. Does anybody know?

    Thanks in advance

    my mail :

  90. Chris, March 4, 2008:

    Everytime I try to install ishare on my iPhone it says “pakage error download failed”. Please failed”. Please help so I can get GBA ROMs!

  91. Joe, March 4, 2008:

    I Have JailBroken My iPod Touch…
    And When I Go To Install An App. It Goes Back To The Main Menu.

    I Need Some Help Please!
    If You Have A Answer; Email Me On:

    Thanks :D

  92. Jack, March 5, 2008:

    I have a problem !
    When I try to connect using WinSCP. I put in the following info:

    Host Name: (IP Address)
    Port: 22
    Username: root
    Password: alpine
    Private Key File: (nothing)
    File Protocol: SFTP
    Allow SCP fallback is checked

    Then when I click login, it says:

    Network error: Connecion refused.

    I need HELP PLZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Matt, March 6, 2008:

    ok for all of you that are having problems with the sftp thing try using Root with capital R. I heard this worked for some others.
    Btw I’m writing this on my iPod touch. There are also new ways of jailbreaking ur touch. Try searching google for ZiPhone it works with all firmware and is super easy, I myself will be trying this tomorrow.

  94. B, March 7, 2008:

    When I add the album cover to a song in itunes, some of them appear on my ipod touch and some don’t. I am adding the album art the same way, but not all sync to my ipod??

  95. Aldous, March 9, 2008:

    I recently jailbroken my iPod touch to version 1.1.4, I already have installed an eBook reader and it works just fine. I wanted to put an eBook files on it but I cannot find the directory we’re to put them. On version 1.1.1, the eBook directory is on /Media/ when I used the “Disk for” for mac. I need some help to find where to put my eBook files on the iPod touch version 1.1.4, cause I can’t find the directory, even with the “MobileFinder” installed on my iPod. Thanks…

  96. Hollow, March 9, 2008:

    Does any1 kno where to download the 1.1.2 or 1.1.3 firmwares? plz can sum1 help me out here plz

  97. Aldous, March 9, 2008:

    You can go to this website, they have instructions on how to jailbreak your iPod touch, including where to download the firmwares… Hope this helps…

  98. romz, March 12, 2008:

    will anyone knows where to download any apps for itouch form wired internet …. WiFi’s in our country is not totally free so….. i need help pls…thnx in advanced

  99. Kasper, March 13, 2008:

    HELP!!!!!!. I have been trying to SFTP into my iPod touch for a week now. Ihave gone throught all the forums and followed all the instruction. Downloaded multiple FTP programs and nothing works. I cannot get into my iPod. I am running 1.1.4 jailbroken on a 8 Gig iPod touch. Can anyone help me?

  100. Kasper, March 13, 2008:

    Aldous the directory on where to put eBook on 1.1.4 is var/root/Media/EBooks that is it. Just brop them into there I still need to be able to SFTP into the iPod how did you get it to work?

  101. Azael, March 16, 2008:

    I managed to access to my itouch from my computer, but now i tried the links they gave and it doesn’t work, this tutorial is really “nothing” i don’t even know why i am posting a comment, i normally read this website for great tuts but this time is just a waste of time.

    if anyone wants some help on how to access the itouch ssh just email me at jac.jer(at)hotmail

  102. Jrose152, March 17, 2008:

    If you are having trouble connection make sure you download OPENSSH from the installer and your ipod cant be plugged in usb when you try to connect

  103. Mike, March 18, 2008:

    I typ in my ip adress, i typ in the username and the password, there’s comming te massage: waiting for welcome message by the FTP option but always getting connection refused at SFTP, and is not comming any message.. help please!!

  104. alan, March 21, 2008:


  105. alan, March 21, 2008:


  106. alan, March 22, 2008:


  107. james, March 24, 2008:

    i upgrade fine,, but some applications like “make it mine” and “apolo” after downlaoing say require how do i get those applications to work on my itouch 1.1.2

  108. Christiano, April 4, 2008:

    I downloaded icopter and a few other games off installer and i cant find them on my ipod touch, how to i play them?????????????????

  109. Jesse, April 5, 2008:

    can anyone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I cant find categories in cuteftp
    i am on windows
    Please Help Me!!!

  110. Brandon, April 14, 2008:

    Can someone tell me where can I download firmware 1.1.4

  111. BuMpZ27, April 14, 2008:

    Can someone tell me where could I download firmware 1.1.4

  112. BuMpZ27, April 14, 2008:


  113. BuMpZ27, April 15, 2008:


  114. yyy, April 17, 2008:

    How can I download a package to my computer???

  115. 666-y, April 21, 2008:

    ive got a iphone and it says this when i want to cutefttp pro:-
    The remote host actively refused the attempt to connect to it.
    1) Please verify that the destination host name or IP address is correct.
    2) Verify that the connection port number is correct (under Site Settings | Type tab).
    3) The remote server may be temporarily or permanently inaccessible (try again later).
    4) Verify that you have chosen the right protocol (SSH2, SSL, FTP, etc.) and have setup all required options for that protocol.

    no matter what i do it says the same and i realy need to hack my phone or ive been warned it might crash =[
    so plz can u help me

  116. Dylan, May 1, 2008:

    After using this program i can no longer turn on my IPod Touch… needless to say i’m pretty pissed about it… it gets to the Apple logo screen, makes some beeps and never goes any further…. fairly pissed

  117. Dylan, May 1, 2008:

    I had to restore it back to factory settings, thereby deleting all of my information…

  118. Meg, May 2, 2008:

    i followed all the instructions, and it allowed me to install the apps, but i can’t find them or use them.

  119. Steve, May 3, 2008:

    I’ve jailbreaked it and I’ve moved the apps to the iTouch and I can’t see them either ?? All I want to use is the maps :-)

  120. Clarke, May 6, 2008:

    I have jail broken a 1.1.4 but cannot bring up ebooks that I have downloaded. I looked on the root directory for Media, but it is not there. Can I add this folder to get it to work, or do I need to do something else. Thanks

  121. bennett kid, May 7, 2008:

    Can anyone help me if this is a mac only hack can someone point me to a pc touch hack? Please.

  122. bakaneko, May 7, 2008:

    I summon the dark magician!

  123. Abbas 10 yrs old, August 4, 2010:

    I can’t put any application plz help I Ned to put a game I type my email address then password but it says your iTunes password is incorrect

  124. Abbas 10 yrs old, August 4, 2010:

    I can’t put any application plz help I Ned to put a game I type my email address then password but it says your iTunes password is incorrect if anyone can help me mail me at

  125. maiyya, August 13, 2010:

    everytime it says slide to jailbreak or whatever , my iPod touch turns off then turns back on & also i tried it again but it does the same thing . i dont know what to do can somebody help me ?

  126. maiyya, August 13, 2010:

    everytime i try to jailnbreak my iPod touch it just turns off then turns on , i have tried it several times & it has done the same thing can anybody help me .

  127. Shawn, August 26, 2010:

    I want to do this

  128. ryan, August 30, 2010:

    put ip address and user name and passowrd, then login message said “network error”. need help to put applications and games into my ipod touch 3g 3.1.3 jailbroken already this weeken. thanks

  129. Tommy, September 9, 2010:

    Is there any possibility that this jailbreak will stop my ipod touch 4 from functioning?
    I mean something like eternal rest..

  130. gloria, October 30, 2010:

    i have downloaded apps on my computer(mac) how fo i get them on my ipod touch???? i have cydia

  131. gloria, October 30, 2010:

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