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Author : rooster

Now I’m sorry that there are no updates on the 2G Jailbreak but the situations remains, as Dev-Team Blog says: 

iPod Touch 2G (New iPod Touch)

Sorry, no support at this time, but Redsn0w is being actively researched and developed.


I did this a while back and thought it was about time to give it another run.  Here is a list of my Apps for my 2G iPod Touch and the reason I have them.  Here they are:

iEphemeris Lite – Now, this app most of you will find absolutely no use for. . . it shows you the different moon cycles.  But for photographers like me its perfect.

Facebook – A must have for all those who have a facebook.

SnatchTest – A cool app that allows you to use your iPod Touch as a mouse pad for your PC or laptop.

MagicPad – An app similar to “Notes”. But it also has cut and paste options. Works nice for To Do lists.

Discover – This app allows you to transfer videos, music, and such to your iPod via wireless Internet. Used when you don’t feel like syncing.

Google – Links you to all the Google apps available for your iPod Touch.

Eureka – Kina cool, just like a wiki search app.

iTranslate – A translator app . . . what else.

STAT ICD-9 / Conversions / Cambio -all conversion apps that come handy every now and then. / Pandora – Music apps.

i.TV / Flixster – Movie information and tv channel information.

WiFinder – Hooks you up to any WiFi in the area that is not password protected.

Remote – Lets you control your iTunes through your iPod.

Night Stand – If you have a dock or charger this is a cool clock.

Fake-A-Call – An app that allows your iPod to act as an iPhone. . . but only for the wildly oblivious.

PocketDyno – an app that measures your horse power, acceleration, speed, etc. of you car while driving. Not super accurate but pretty interesting nonetheless.

Seadragon – probably the only cool thing Microsoft has released for the App store. Check it out.

IQTest – does just that.

Zippo Lighter – Nice for concerts.

tChess Pro – the only expensive item on my iPod Touch. A really sweet Chess App.

Sudoku 101 – this Sudoku app allows you to use Chinese characters.

TapDefense – Line wars! A sweet game!

Cube – A fun single player shoot ’em up game. Takes time to get used to though.

LightBike – Fun multiplayer game.

BeerPong – actually not that bad.


These are some of the apps I have found interesting. What are yours?


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  1. Derrick, February 21, 2009:

    This is what i have. I got all of these games for free through jailbreak. And these are my opinions on the games that i have. You guys may think differently but hey every person has different opinions and tastes on what games they like. If you want me to try out or test a game for you before you buy it, just post it here and i’ll get the game and get you a review.

    Myspace- Gotta have it if you have a myspace account
    Facebook- Also gotta have this one
    AIM- Comes in handy
    Tetris- Good game to play while killing time
    Tap Tap Dance- Fun to play with other people
    Tap Tap Revenge- Like i said its fun when playing with your friends
    Cannon Game- It’s an alright game
    Blue Skies – Good game to play for a while
    Field Runners- Same at Tap Defence but waaay better
    Heros Of Sparta- One of the bestest games ever made for ipod touch/iphone
    Time Crisis- Kinda hard to play. But the developers did a good job making it
    Finger Piano- Great for people wanting to play the piano
    X-Plane- Love this game
    X-Plane Airline- Great game
    X-Plane Extreme- Awsome game
    Slotz Racers- Very addicting game
    Asphalt 4- Graphics are not so great but i would still play it
    Fast Lane- Good graphics gets addicting for a while
    Lux DLX- If you like the board game “Risk”. This should be a great game to play.

  2. Nathan, February 21, 2009:

    Hey guys, Im wondering whether i should get a 3g iPhone or a iPod touch 2G & and another cellphone. Can you help me?

  3. Derrick, February 23, 2009:

    Nathan, The most obvious answer would be get an iphone. why carry a new ipod touch and a phone while you can have both devices as one.

  4. jimbo, February 25, 2009:

    MxTube – downloadable youtube
    Brushes – painting app
    Wordbook – dictionary
    BeejiveIM – Instant messaging
    App Sniper
    Jaadu VNC
    and last but not least, my favorite app…
    TODO !

  5. Shawn, February 25, 2009:

    On the dev team blog at, it says in updates If you are in the U.S. and are trying this with T-Mobile, you must turn off the 3G switch in Settings. Does this mean that i can not use the 3g network after i unlocked it?

  6. VyseDG, February 28, 2009:

    can you give the sources to add this apps please

  7. Derrick, March 1, 2009:

    yo you don’t need sources to get these apps. you just need to install installous on cydia.

  8. michael, March 4, 2009:

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