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My Fav 5

Author : rAwks

What are the best applications out there for the iPod? What applications do you use? These are questions we are asked by new hackers to get a feel of which applications THEY should install. To be honest, there isn’t an application that is THE BEST, but there are applications that are really great to use. It also depends on your personality because I might like playing puzzle games (which I do), but someone else might not. I have 6 pages on my home screen, but it would be TOO much to write about each one. That’s why I am going to write about my favorite 5 applications and my favorite 5 games. I will write about the 5 in no particular order and I’m not including applications that come with the iPod (Maps, Music, Photo, etc.). This will hopefully help you get a little familiar with who I am and it might also influence you in installing these onto your iPod.

My favorite 5 applications are Light, Touchpad, Flip A Coin, Sketches, and Customize. Lots of people think the light app is pretty dumb, but I seriously use it EVERYDAY. When it’s dark around the house, I turn on the light app and it guides the way. Touchpad is one of my favorite apps because it allows you to control your computer from your iPod. I use this on a daily basis for work. This app works with both PC and MAC computers. Flip A Coin is perfect for those that are indecisive, like ME. I can never choose where to eat and it’s always between two choices, so I use the Flip A Coin to make the choice for me. Sketches is an app where you can draw and scribble, like an Etch A Sketch. I use Sketches on a daily basis to draw or write little notes to my fiancé because you can send your artwork or note through email. Customize lets you customize your iPod and change things like your slider image, battery images, etc. I am currently using a modded Customize because I am not fond of the new Customize.

My favorite 5 games are iZoo, MixUp, Millionaire, Text Twist, and iQuickBlock. If you like the game Bejewled you will love iZoo. It’s pretty much the same game, just different name. You can even install different themes for this, so you can get the Bejewled look or you can even get another theme to make the icons into Simpson’s characters. MixUp is a game where you have scrambled letters and you have to arrange it to create a word. It keeps on going, but after a while the words get repetitive. If you like the show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,” you will most definitely want to install Millionaire app. The only downfall for this app is that you can’t use the phone a friend lifeline because it ACTUALLY wants you to call someone on your contact list (This will work if you have the microphone to make calls with your iPod). Text twist is a game where you form words from a set of six scrambled letters and you must find at least one 6-letter word using all the letters to get to the next round.

As I said in the beginning, I have LOTS of applications and games on my device, but these are my favorites. The only way to know which applications or games are best for you…is to try them out yourself. Hope all goes well!



Emulators and ROMs

Author : rAwks

We get tons of questions regarding topics such as emulators and adding games onto those emulators. Getting an emulator for a certain video game system is easy…the hard part is finding the ROMs and/or BIOs for the emulator. Add this source into Installer. After your sources refresh, click on your install tab and click on the folder named “rAwks.” This is a repo I created that includes all the emulators out there and some ROM and BIO packages. I can’t guarantee all the ROMs or BIOs will work, but most of them do.


Usually the way you add ROMs into your emulator is by SSHing into your iPod. You would then create a ROMs folder in a specific path way. When you install the ROM packages from my source it will create the folder on its own, if you haven’t created one yet. The first time I installed the packages it created the folder in the correct place, but when I recently did it again it created it in the wrong place. The ROM packages include only a limited amount of games and it might not include a game you really want. Now the only way to add the game of your choice is to find the ROM online and download it. Then when you have it on your computer, you have to SSH into your iPod and place it in the ROMs folder. As mentioned, the emulators require you to place the ROMs folder in a specific section in the iPod. I will give you directions on how to SSH into your iPod to include the ROMs you downloaded into your emulators. First off, make sure to read Lone Stag’s post on “Detailed Instructions on How To SSH” and follow all his steps. (If you have a MAC, download and install Cyberduck…instead of WinSCP) When you’re all logged in using either WinSCP or Cyberduck, now you have to be careful what you do. You don’t want to delete something your not suppose to or move things in the wrong place. Here are the steps:


  1. Navigate to /var/mobile/Media
  2. If you don’t have the folder already, create a new folder and name it “ROMs”
  3. Click on the ROMs folder. Then you would have to create folders for each emulator you want. (Ex. NES, SNES, GENESIS, GBA, etc.)
  4. Depending on which ROM you’re adding, you would just drag that ROM from your computer into that emulator’s folder.
  5. Once you are done, on your iPod that game should be in your emulator.


If you run into any problems, just let me know. There are many videos online if you need visual help. Hope all goes well!


PS…here are some sites to find some ROMs or BIOs


iPod Touch SNES Emulation

Author : kdollar

ZodTTD is currently beta testing an SNES emulator for the iPod Touch and iPhone. It has been touted as running great and looks to far along in the development process. We have video below that the group has released on youtube. Currently they are only accepting beta testers that have donated. We will have more information soon…Also, let us know if you have played the emulator and leave your first impressions in the comments. I will try to get into the beta test and give you my own thoughts.

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