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Author : rAwks

If you haven’t heard about, you have to check this website out. When I first browsed the site, I was in application heaven! iAppCat is a user friendly iPod/iPhone application catalog. This site is optimized for the iPod/iPhone, so it’s really easy to use on your device when you’re on the go. Don’t get me wrong…you can still use this site on your computer. First things first, you have to register for the site. Don’t worry…it’s FREE!

Once you register and you’re signed on, you can go look for apps and sources. When you find an app you want, all you have to do is click on the box to save it to your list. It’s that easy! Once you check all the apps you want, you can click on your list to see which apps you have. From there you can remove it, just in case you clicked on an app you didn’t want. Once you’re happy with your list, up on the top of the list tab…you have a link to your very own repository. Since this is a link to your own repository, you can add this to your sources on your iPod/iPhone. Once you add this to your sources, you will have you very own folder in installer with all those apps you saved to your list. This makes installing apps easier because you can find everything all in one folder. I highly suggest everyone to use this because it’ll help you find those apps you always ask us about. On the site, there’s a video tutorial on it for those that need visual help….I needed it! Hope all goes well and hope this site is useful for you! -rAwks



Author : rAwks

Hello my name is rAwks and I am one of the writers for I currently reside in Los Angeles, California with my fiance. I am 24 years old and I own a jailbroken 1.1.4 16 GB iPod Touch. I use my jailbroken iPod Touch on a daily basis: doing presentations using Touchpad Pro, organization using calendar and To Do List, etc.

I’m not an expert hacker and I don’t have any programming skills, but I know enough to get by to put your jailbroken iPod Touch/iPhone to the max. I am happy to answer any questions or concerns from anybody. If I don’t know the answer, I will do my best to find out the answer for you. All I can say is, jailbreaking your iPod/iPhone is not easy…you will have to put a lot of work and time into it. There will be good times and bad times, but once you have it the way you want…it’s all worth it in the end. You can email me or IM me and I’ll do my best to respond quickly and answer all your questions.

Hope all goes well!

-rAwks in ur sOcks

AIM: rAwks25


Some Information

Author : The Lone Stag

I have been getting posts and emails about seeing videos about how to hack. Do you want me to create video posts on topics, along with directions? Would this help you? If I would make one, the first topic would be jailbreaks, then I would move on to SSHing into your iPod. Anyone interested?

This is to all people who post questions. READ PREVIOUS POSTS. Most questions are repeats. You might find the answer to your question in a previous post. Also, do not even try to post insults about anything. They will be removed, and you will not be allowed to post again. Give me a break. I don’t have time to remove pointless posts, so just don’t do it.

Finally, I would like to welcome the newest writer onto the ipodtouchhacks website. The popular poster rAwks is now a writer for the site. He has proven his ability to help out people in posts, filling in for me when I was busy because of other matters. He’s got answers, and if he doesn’t, he finds them. Good job so far rAwks, and welcome to the site.

I think that is about it. I appreciate all of the feedback on posts, and I especially like the emails I have been receiving. It is easier and quicker for me to reply to emails than to regular posts, although I still will do both. Thanks for the support and confirmations that my tips actually work. Thanks.

The Lone Stag


ZiPhone Works

Author : The Lone Stag


There are currently new instructions on how to jailbreak your iPod Touch 1.14. If you would like to jailbreak your iPod Touch please use the new instructions.

Ziphone has updated it’s jailbreaking method to work with any version of iPod Touch. It jailbreaks it automatically and takes about a minute. You must be on firmware 1.1.4 in order for this to work. If you have any music on it, it will still be on it after the jailbreak, and Purchased music actually works on it. It seems like my jailbreaking post is not useful anymore, but who cares now. I tried this method and it worked perfectly. I highly recommend doing it since it is easy, fast, and actually works.

Download ZiPhone at the website:

If this doesn’t work, then do a manual restore (hold power and home until it turns off, keep holding until it says connect to iTunes) and restore to version 1.1.4 and try again.

Make sure the first thing you install is BSD Subsystem, so you will be able to run your apps.

Get the January Upgrade at this repo:

The Lone Stag


You CAN Always Get What You Want

Author : The Lone Stag

I have gotten a lot of feedback from my jailbreaking post. I really appreciate it when you guys tell me if it works, or if something is wrong. It lets me know if I need to fix directions or if things actually work for you. Keep the comments coming!

Now to the title of my post. I want to know what you guys want me to be posting. These posts are for you, so why shouldn’t you pick the topics? On the comments page for this post, I want you to write what you want to see in future posts. Do you want more instructions (for example, how to ssh, how to make custom backgrounds/themes, how to totally pwn your iPod, etc.), more information about apps (which are new, which are the best, which not to use, etc.), or do you want more information about general Apple news (SDK, iPod prices, software workings, etc.).

The above topics are not the only ones you can choose from. Make some good ones up if you have any ideas. Please do not post personal help requests. I will not post answers to anything on the comments page, so don’t bother posting questions. Instead, email them to me at In case you haven’t emailed me or posted to me yet, I ALWAYS reply to messages and posts. Always. If you are lucky, you can AIM me for live help, or schedule a time to chat that is good for you.

On Sunday, the 16th, I will check all of the posts. I will then write a story about the most popular topic. I hope you guys post a lot of topics, so I can write more stories from popular topics in the future. Posting can only help you, so just do it.

I hope to get a lot of feedback, so start your typing.

The Lone Stag


Detailed Instructions on How to Jailbreak 1.1.3

Author : The Lone Stag

I have gotten posts on how to jailbreak an iPod Touch on 1.1.3, so for all of you who need this, follow the instructions carefully. It worked for my 16g, but it should be compatible with every iPod Touch. I didn’t write instructions for 1.1.4 because some apps don’t work for it yet and there isn’t a really safe way to jailbreak it that I like. I am assuming that you all need to be told every step so you don’t mess it up. No offense.

1. Restore your iPod Touch to Firmware 1.1.1

  • Download the firmware at
  • Plug in your iPod
  • Run iTunes
  • When your iPod pops up, hold shift (option key for Mac users) and click restore
  • Select the file you just downloaded and wait for your iPod to be restored
  • Don’t add music or name your iPod yet.
  • Unplug it after it has been restored (wait until you get to the screen that says Set Up Your iPod).

If your iPod had an unknown error when you tried to restore, you have two options.

1) This is a little trick that worked for me. Restore the firmware to 1.1.3 (download it at,1_1.1.3_4A93_Restore.ipsw), then add just a few songs to it and sync it. Now try the restore to 1.1.1

2) Put your iPod into DFU mode. This is tricky, but it worked for me once. Go to

  • Once it is in firmware 1.1.1
  • On your iPod, go to Settings
  • Click General
  • Turn Auto-Lock to Never

2. Install AppSnap

  • On your iPod, open Safari (it will ask you to choose your WiFi, do it)
  • Go to the website
  • Install AppSnapp
  • Let it run and it will reset springboard
  • Unlock your iPod and see it jailbroken

3. Install BSD Subsystem

  • Open Installer. You will get an upgrade pop-up, do it. It will also say donate, but click later unless you really want to do that now
  • Once done, go to the Install tab and under All Packages install BSD Subsystem
  • Click the home button to refresh your iPod

4. Add Sources

  • In Installer, click on the Sources tab
  • Click edit, then add the source
  • Click the home button
  • Turn off your iPod
  • Turn it back on

5. Jailbreak it to 1.1.3

  • In Installer, go to the Install tab, then go to iJailBreakMobile
  • Click iJaliBreakMobile 1.1.1 and install it
  • Once installed, click the home button
  • Before running this program, make sure you have a lot of charge as it will take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your WiFi Connection
  • Click iJailbreak and wait for it to do its thing
  • When it is done, it will restart your iPod
  • If it doesn’t, and you wait more than five minutes, the hold the power and home buttons until it turns off, then turn it back on

6. Fixing Stuff

  • In Installer, go to Install, All Packages, then install BSD Subsystem (I know you already did this, but it was deleted during the upgrade)
  • In Installer, go to Install, iJailbreakMobile, then install Remove 1.1.3 Upgrade…
  • In Installer, go to Install, iJailbreakMobile, then install iPod touch Software Up… (this will get you the wiggly feature and install the iPod Touch Software Upgrade), click home and click iJailbreak (it will do its thing and then restart your iPod)
  • In Installer, go to Install, iJailbreakMobile, then install Fix Mail Passwords
  • Add the source
  • In Installer, go to Install, All Packages, then install BossTool
  • Once installed, click home and let the iPod refresh
  • Click BossTools, Free Disk Space, then Relocate Fonts
  • You can then uninstall BossTool in Installer in the Uninstall tab

7. Sync with iTunes

  • Plug in your iPod and sync with iTunes (you can now add your stuff)
  • Everything is now DONE

There you go. You now have a jailbroken 1.1.3 iPod Touch. If you have any questions, leave a post or email me at If I am online, I will be able to help you via AIM. Welcome to the world of jailbroken iPods. Enjoy!

The Lone Stag



Author : The Lone Stag

Hello everyone. I am The Lone Stag, the new writer for This post is just going to give you a little information about me. I own a jailbroken 1.1.3 16g iPod Touch, which I have had successfully hacked since December. I am aware of the version 1.1.4 out now, but I don’t think there is enough support or successful trials of working jailbreaks to make the upgrade worth it.

I enjoy comments, questions, or any type of feedback from readers. If you send me an email, I guarantee that I will answer it and try to help solve your problem. I am not an expert hacker like ipodtouchmaster (I recommend watching his youtube videos) but I know more than most people in the art of pushing your iPod to the limit. I’ll admit that I have had to restore my iPod a few times because of bugs and bad programs, but who hasn’t? I hope to help you all out any way I can, starting with new posts on iPod news you need to know. Remember that you can always email me with any questions you have. Hope to hear from some of you. Don’t worry, you will definately hear from me.

The Lone Stag


Apple iPod Touch and iPhone SDK Annoucnment

Author : kdollar

Today, Apple officially announced the long awaited iPod SDK kit. The SDK kit will not be officially released until June along with a iPod Touch and iPhone 2.0 software update. The update will allow the devices to load 3rd party applications and it will also include parental controls, mail funcionality and power point viewing. Apple will be releasing a beta version of the SDK and 2.0 software to select developers so there is a good chance we will see the software update sooner then June. We will keep you up to date if the 2.0 update does surface online.

Apple also introduced how developers can sell their applicationss with the new store in iTunes called: App store. The App store will be the only way to get official 3rd party apps (jailbreakers will have other options) and developers will get 70% on a sale while Apple will receive the rest. Though, Apple has stated that developers will be able to release applications for free.

Engadget has been reporting on the event with details about the update, sdk kit and even with a comparative post on how the SDK stacks up compared to other SDK’s.  iPod SDK Development Chart.


iJailBreak Releases Version Compatible with 1.1.4 for 8gb Touch

Author : kdollar

Today, iJailBreak released a new version which will allow you to jailbreak from 1.1.4.  That’s right, no more downgrading and upgrading anymore.  This process is very simple and only takes a few minutes.  However, there is a bit of a catch.  Since it uses the ZiPhone Jailbreaking method, it is only supported on the 8GB iPod Touch.  This, however, hasn’t stopped many who own the 16GB Touch to give it a try.

In some cases even the 16GB iPod Touch works, but this is by no way guaranteed.  I would expect to see a new version released soon for the 16GB iPod Touch, but for those of you who have the 8GB iPod Touch, you can jailbreak now!  Simply download iJailbreak and let the program do the rest.  It is very simple, so don’t worry.  One thing worth noting is that this version does not install the App Pack, so you will have to get that as well.

Guest post and more information check:

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