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Jailbreak iPod Touch - Learn how to jailbreak an iPod Touch & iPhone

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How to Use SSH - Learn how you can use SSH with your iPod Touch


Archive for January, 2008


Jailbreaking 1.1.2

Author : aznboi101

1 first you must have firmware 1.1.1 jailbroken if u don’t look at my downgrade instructions

2 go into the installer app and click instlal and look in all packages and look for oktoprep

3 install oktoprep

4 then when installed download 1.1.2 firmware( just click it

5 when its done download make sure you put it where you can find it

6 go into itunes and hold shift if PC but if MAC hold option and click update and click the 1.1.2 firmware file you downloaded

7 then let it do its thing and and then download…
8 after you download that file create a new folder and call it something then extract files from the rapidshare fold into that new folder

9 open the file where the files were extracted to and if MAC click OSX but if PC click windows.bat

10 then click install ssh and jailbreak

11 then let it do its thing and then you’ll see a message saying to reboot and just reboot

12 now you have a 1.1.2 jailbroken ipod touch


all source that are available (thats rite ray i got em all)

Author : aznboi101

1 go into installer

2 look at the bottom and click sources

3 then click edit at the top of source and type in any source

4 then click done and let it refresh the sources   

AlohaSoft 1.0.2:
AlohaSoft 1.1.1:
AlohaSoft 1.1.2:
Apogee LTD:
Blake’s Apps:
Blaze Ultimate [NEW LINK] (Use this source to add a lot of sources)
BlackWolf’s Source (Advanced Preferences):
CedSoft: (iSnake)
ChriB’s iMilk Source:
ChriB and Co’ BETA:
ChriB and Co’:
Code Genocide:
CopyCoders: (Network Apps)
Crazyloof’s Repo:
Death to Design:
Demosthenes705’s eBooks:
Jody’s Repo:
Apple Repo (iPhone Apps) [NEW LINK]:
jComic Repository:
Jiggy Repository:
Limited Edition iPhone:
Ma3rpyr0’s Source:
Mateo: (BeatPhone)
MTL Repository:
PXL Repository: (SMS Swiper, etc.)
R4m0n Repository:
Robota International:
Scientific Calcs:
Seriously Slick:
Shai’s Apps: (Customize Addons)
Someone1Guy’s Book Repo:
Tabrin’s GBA Rom Source:
Tabrin’s PSX Rom Source:
TTR Source:
TouchMods (SIP-VoIP):
Vladimir Kofman:
Wisdom On Wheels: Releases (Emulators):
Asuraku’s Repo:
TouchRepo Beta:
Untitled (Themes):
Untitled (Themes):
iPhone DevDocs:
Pyrofer’s Projects:
Simek’s Graphic:
Nuclear Design:
Soneso Repository:
Slezak’s Stuff:
Sanoodi Repository:
McCarron’s Repo:
Patricks Source:
Jiggy Main Repository:
Chinese LumaQQ:
Simplified Chinese:
Hebrew ?????:
iPhone FOR Taiwan:
iRussian ? iUkrainian localizations:
Norwegian – iFon:
Polish iPolish:
Russian iPhone ??-??????
Russian Tools (in English)
Spanish Phyros iPhone-ES:
Original Trusted Sources:
AppTapp Official:
Conceited Software: /
Ste Packaging:


iPod Touch SNES Emulation

Author : kdollar

ZodTTD is currently beta testing an SNES emulator for the iPod Touch and iPhone. It has been touted as running great and looks to far along in the development process. We have video below that the group has released on youtube. Currently they are only accepting beta testers that have donated. We will have more information soon…Also, let us know if you have played the emulator and leave your first impressions in the comments. I will try to get into the beta test and give you my own thoughts.


About firmware 1.1.3

Author : aznboi101

1.1.3 is apples new firmware .You can downgrade 1.1.3 to 1.1.1 by pc.Just go onto and he has the instruction. Right now im tryin to figure out a much simpler way to do it. New things to know release of itunes 7.6 and apps for $20 on for itouch with 1.1.3. Includes iphones apps and new features.


iPod Touch 1.13

Author : kdollar

Apple has released a new update for the iPod Touch and it is version 1.13. Unlike 1.12, there is no way to downgrade to 1.11 to jailbreak your iPod Touch. If you are looking to keep your iPod Touch 3rd party applications then it would be wise to not upgrade until there is a way to downgrade from 1.13.


It has come to my attention that 1.13 is indeed downgradable and you can find out instructions at the iPod Touch Master. Thanks to the commentors on this thread for letting me know.


Buy iPod Touch Apps for $20?!?

Author : kdollar

Today at the Macworld keynote speech, Steve Jobs announced that they will be selling new applications for the iPod Touch. Applications many believed should have shipped with the iPod Touch since they were on the iPhone….they are: mail, stocks, weather, maps + chapter/ lyric support (new). This would be great news for iPod Touch owners but the problem is Apple wants to sell the set of applications to current iPod Touch owners for $20 dollars….weak.

Well I already have most of the applications sans the chapter/lyric because of the jailbreak software. So what do you think…are you going to pay for it? get mad and yell things? or just stick with your 1.11 hacked iPod Touch?


Sources for installer app

Author : aznboi101

1 open the installer app

2 at the bottom click sources

3 look at the top and then click edit in the right hand corner

4 then click add

5 then add whatever source and when done let it refresh sources

6 go into install and scroll up or down and you’ll see a new file

Sources free gba roms for gba emulator must have gba emulator installed free psx roms for psx4all emulator must have psx4all emulator installed

  • A Lot Of Themes For Summerboard / Customize
  • Sources
  • Fix For Customize To Work Well With iTouch, Reflection Remover, Bluetooth App. – a bunch of sources – summerboard themes and wallpapers -nes roms and etc


iPod Touch SIP Voip Client Has Been Released

Author : kdollar

Touchmods has just released a free Sip Voip application for the iPod Touch. You will need a microphone for this hack but with the hack and a microphone you will be able to make calls using the iPod Touch. They also have a large FAQ section that answers about 30 questions about the hack. Here is a video of the ipod touch Voip hack in action.

Source: Engadget

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